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In year 8 I was approximately 12 or 13 I was going out with a girl. I really liked her at the time. I recently found out …

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australian adverts are slowly becoming my favourite



This rivalry’s heating up.

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 One Direction - You And I Photoshoot

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Might I just point out that Mercutio got stabbed in the gut and, instead of seeking medical help, stood up and made a pun about it then died.

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camis397: Absolute cutie, so nice. I’m so happy #babe #loveofmylife #maw #wwat #harrystyles

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Louis teaching Liam piano c 2010 then Liam teaching Niall piano c now can u hear me on the ground

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Robyn, let's talk about Harry cause poor boy going through stupid opinions and disrespectful fans. Let's talk how beautiful he is, how kind and free and how he want to be a dad and how huge the difference between him and any 20 years old popstar, let's talk! —Anonymous


Harry is wonderful and amazing but why don’t we talk about both of them?

Harry has grown so much over the past four years, as a person and a performer, he’s become so much more sure of himself and confident ‘long hair don’t care’ and I think much of that has to do with a constant and steady support system, which of course includes Louis.

So many people have tried to break Harry over the years, but he’s always remained calm under pressure and does so with a smile on his face, and while I’m sure he has his days where it wears on him, as it would anyone, he always knows that someone is there to have his back and tell him it’s going to be okay.

And it must be just as amazing to know that so many people are proud of him for being himself, for being so mature and well poised for his age, for coming into his own at 20 and knowing already what he wants for his future ; be a father and raise a family and keep on making music.

Must be pretty great knowing you have someone special to share that with.

And same goes for Louis. All these years later he’s still the heart of the band, the fierce leader who will back up his boys no matter what, especially the one with the curls, truly, even Liam knows now not to mention the hair.

He’s the glue that makes their vocals sound distinctly them, he’s got this incredibly big heart and involves himself in so many different charities that you can’t not be #proudoflouis, he’s a talented song writer and savvy business man that is clearly invested in a future in this business, which also shows that he’s thought about his long term future as well.

Must be pretty great knowing you have someone special to share that with.

One day soon, the will truly be the dream team.

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Everything you love is here

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